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风险警告:差价合约CFDs是复杂的交易产品,因杠杆的使用,存在迅速损失投资金额的较高风险。将近66.69%零售客户在AFX Capital Markets Ltd交易差价合约CFDs的账户是亏损的。将近66.36%零售客户在AFX Markets Ltd交易差价合约CFDs的 账户是亏损的。您应该考虑您是否理解差价合约CFDs是如何运作的,您是否能承担亏损的风险。

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission announces that the authorisation of the Cyprus Investment Firm AFX Capital Markets Ltd (‘the Company’), number 119/10, that operate the website is suspended in whole. For further details about the suspension click here.
The Financial Conduct Authority has notified AFX Markets Ltd, FRN: 560872 that must close all open trading positions held by it, whether on its own account or on accounts of its clients by no later than 7 August 2019. For further details click here.
开设真实账户 开设模拟账户